Sunday, December 25, 2011


Ah! But wait! I have just found that if you click on to my profile there is actually something on the left of the page (your left) which allows you to link to my main website. So you will see it after all! Mind you, you still won't be able to look at the kid show website but you can't have everything. There are various You Tube videos of my work but I daren't post links to them here because I am sure they won't come out right.

You may be better off reading blogs by people that know what they are doing. All I can promise you on this blog is more amusement than you will get from the other computer savvy hypnotists. And I can 100 percent promise you that my show is more amusing too! But there is plenty of time for me to brag about that later. Let me figure out all this awful horrendous computer nonsense first.
Well, as you can see that didn't work. Is it supposed to? I am trying to make a link but have gotten nowhere. I shall try again. If it doesn't work this time you will have to go through the laborious task of typing it all out to look at the site and see how wonderful I am. And I am sure you are not going to bother.

I don't think it worked. Perhaps some kind person can advise me on this nonsense. I do have another website that you will not be able to link to so I may as well post that too. I am also a children's entertainer and rather a good one. Here is my kid magic show website. There is actually a link (that works) on there to the main site above so if you can manage to get onto this one you will kill two birds with one stone and get on to the other one also.

Web Sites

Now that I have mastered the most incredible feat of figuring out how make a new post and wish you all a Merry Christmas let me try something more advanced. I shall try and post my websites. Yes, I actually have not just one but two which is quite incredible considering that I am not quite sure what a website is or what it is supposed to do. I can assure you all that I am the most computer illiterate of all the stage hypnotists that market themselves on the web. I have only one advantage over them. I happen to be better!

There. Now that I have exhibited my lack of modesty and incompetence at the same time let me see if I can figure this bit out. Here is the main website:

I do have another website but before I post it let me see if this one worked. One moment please. I shall be back shortly......................

Merry Christmas!

It just took me twenty minutes to figure out how to wish you all a Merry Christmas! I really do not approve of this modern age! But Merry Christmas anyway!

Saturday, December 24, 2011

Getting Started

Hello everybody. My name is Mark Lewis and I am a Stage Hypnotist and Magician based in Toronto. I am new to blogging and in fact not terribly computer literate. Still, I shall do my best.

Although I don't quite understand computer technology I certainly understand the world of entertainment having been in showbusiness for over 40 years. I am probably the most experienced stage hypnotist in Canada let alone Toronto. Hopefully, I can share a little of my art as we go along and I get used to this strange new medium.

Once I figure all this out I shall spout forth to such an extent that you will probably wish I would stop spouting.

See you soon.